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Quality, Sustainability and The Environment

Anglian Pea Growers have had a long standing involvement in growing Peas with sustainable sourcing at its heart.  Protecting our environment is critical to the longevity and quality of supply, our growers are passionate about the protection and enhancement of the greatest asset we all have - the countryside around us.


The first step to growing a great British pea is the variety, APG and Ardo chose only the varieties, that will give our customers the best tasting peas.  Amongst other factors, the colour, texture and taste are all key traits that we use to pick our varieties.  Out of over 200 varieties available, only around 20 make the grade!
The next stage is whilst the crop is growing.  Keeping a plant healthy and free from pests is important, to allow each and every plant to reach its potential.  The specialist field team monitor crops for pests, diseases and crop health, tackling any problems in a low impact way as possible.
Lastly the proof is in the eating!  At harvest specialists determin when a crop is ready to be harvested, sometimes we only have 12 hours to get it right!  The peas are only harvested when they reach a strict set of quality parameters.


Sustainable food supply for an ever increasing population is a top priority for all farmers, processors and indeed consumers. APG and Ardos aim - with their Green Ambition, is to consider each of our actions on the Environment and the People who it may affect.
In order to become truly sustainable APG and Ardo believe that we must consider efficiancy, environmental management and responsible working practices  at every step of the Pea supply chain.
This involves many aspects, buts relies on exploring and using the synergies between, our customers, specialist advisors, farmers and suppliers of everything from the seeds we plant to the manufacturer of the harvesters we use to gather the crop.


The key to all food production is the Environment in which it is produced.  Without our farmers nurturing and maintaining their surroundings, viable food production will be lost.

While our green spaces are reducing at an alarming rate, our growers are developing the environment, to enhance a diverse countryside for all to enjoy, but also to grow the food we all need. Our growers are involved in numerous and diverse schemes to protect and enhance the flora and fauna of our rural areas.  Some of the many examples are, Pollen and Nectar flower areas, grass margins around fields, re-establishing woodland, planting new and re-planting hedges, creation of wetlands and provision of nesting boxes for Barn Owls.