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Who we are.......

To be able to produce the finest peas for our consumers, we have to have oodles of passion!  Everyone invloved in the fasinating process from Field to Fork has dedication seldom seen in todays world.

APG ltd. have what must be the closest link to all aspects of he Pea producing cycle; we choose and purchase the seed and have a direct link and often influence, over the entire process through to the peas being frozen.


Anglian Pea Growers: Vital Statistics!

Formed in 2000 from a number of smaller growing groups.

In 2011 we produced around 15,000 tonnes of Peas! 

On average we grow around 3500Ha (8650 Acres) every year!

We have 120 different growers growing each year.

We are the largest independant grower group in the United Kingdom.       


 Bet you didn't know.......

The earliest pea is thought to go back to 4400BC

However it only became popular to eat 'green' peas around 1700AD

The U.K. is the largest producer of frozen Peas in Europe

On an average daily requirement 160g of pea gives around 38% of Calcium RDI


 Our Involvement......

APG is involved right from the start from Field to Freezing:

We chose the best varieties;
We sow the seeds;
We look after every plant through its life;
We decide when they are ready to harvest;
We harvest every pea until they are safely froze and ready for your freezer!